About Me

Hi folks, I am a Machine Learning Engineer by Profession and co-author of the book Sculpting Data for ML. I developed a passion for identifying and tackling novel and practical problems using Machine Learning during my research internships at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, which I further explored during my Master's in Computer Science from the University of California San Diego. Currently, I combine my past engineering experiences in designing low-latency massive-scale systems and research experiences in Applied Machine Learning to develop distributed Machine Learning relevance systems at Twitter.

I have published and refereed publications at some of the top conferences in Machine Learning (like RecSys, ACL, WSDM, ICML, KDD, etc.) and have a blooming citation record (250+). There has been a wide adoption of datasets I curated as part of my research. Some notable instances include Deeplearning.ai's Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow course using them for teaching purposes, an NSF project using them for designing activities to engage high school students in building text classifications models, researchers using them for tracking epidemiological news articles, studying gender bias in news, building sarcasm dataset in Portuguese, studying humor detection, and so on.

These days, I am engaged in spreading awareness around data centric view and approaches in AI, which is also one of the topics in our book Sculpting Data for ML, through conference talks. Please follow DataForML handle on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

In my downtime, I enjoy watching sci-fi shows, exercising, gaming, and spending time with my family. I presently live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Last updated: 10th Sep 2022


Please reach out to me @ r1misra@eng.ucsd.edu or DM me on Twitter: